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This is a Trench Map from 1915. The red lines denote the German Front and support/communication trenches, the thin blue line that can hardly be seen by the side of Warwick farm and running north, was the British line. I was fortunate to be able to locate a unit map from the Westminster battalion. This is the unit in which Rifleman Tibbels was fighting and was killed in 1915.

This is a sketch map from the war diary of the Westminster Battalion. The diary states that on the day that Tibbels was killed, they were operating around the area marked A8 & B9.

This picture is taken from my laptop computer actually on the ground on the spot where the battalion was using the Linesman GPS equipment. The red circle with the cross inside, actually blinks and moves as you travel along the ground. It is deadly accurate. You can see we are in the area as given in the war diary. The modern day technology was able to offer Shelia and John a degree of closure on the fate of Rifleman Tibbles who was killed by a shell in October 1915.

Note from Sheila Tibbels (Great-Niece)

Gravestone of Rifleman Tibbels and his family

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