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Thanks to all of our friends/clients who have graciously sent us such heartfelt feedback. Apollo Battlefield Guide values your voice - it drives us to want to maintain our high standards and it is a lovely reward which makes what we do so worthwhile. Please feel free to offer your testimonials by emailing them to enquiries@apollo-battlefield-guide.com and we'll get it onto this page!

Quotes Mike is such a knowledgeable, passionate and vibrant guide who makes John's and my job so much easier. The students responded really well to all the different challenges on the tour and they all commented on their admiration of Mike's commitment and enthusiasm. We enjoyed working with.. Mike and...formulating the itinerary for this year and look forward to repeating the experience for 2014. So again, our thanks to you all, and particularly Mike, for a spectacularly successful trip. We are also writing to Hodson's Coaches to commend Steve Parker as well. With kind regards John McQuilton and Jen Roberts School of History and Politics University of Wollongong Quotes
John McQuilton and Jen Roberts
University of Wollongong

Quotes It should go without saying that all good tour guides should of necessity be knowledgeable, personable, equable, and possess excellent organisational and diplomatic skills . Mike Kelly undoubtedly possesses all those attributes, but to my mind what sets him apart from many others in his field is his sheer passion and the almost uncanny empathy he has for his subject. As an ex-serviceman himself, and therefore probably more aware than most of the dreadful human cost of war, this should perhaps come as no real surprise. But it's this passion and empathy that ensures that the members of his tour group will leave the tour with a vivid and enduring insight into the courage, sacrifice, horror and carnage that epitomised the Great War... Quotes
Eric Bogle, Adelaide, South Australia
Singer/Songwriter: 'No Man's Land', (Green Fields of France)

Quotes Michael Kelly stands out as one of only a very few people I know who I would describe as a true battlefield guide. Michael's greatest asset is his genuine, life-long interest in all the Great War. His passion is coupled with a naturally warm personality and an all-important ability to communicate with those he is guiding. When one seeks a battlefield guide it is not easy to be sure that the guide chosen will live up to your expectations. I am confident in saying that Michael is one of only a small handful of guides I would choose to help me explore the legacy of the Great War, and the Western Front in particular. His depth of knowledge is truly remarkable, coupled with access to a wealth of research material and modern technology, such as a GPS system for the location of trenches and battlefield features. Head and shoulders above all, Michael is quite simply just so enjoyable to listen to, and that rare quality is what lies at the heart of a really good battlefield guide. Quotes
James Power, Wimborne, Dorset
Managing Director Somme Battlefield Tours Ltd

Quotes If you are considering a personal tour of the Western Front with Mike, then you can expect great communication throughout the planning process with updates and exchanging of ideas to ensure you receive the best tour in honour of your descendant/s. You can expect a man who lives and breathes to honour the sacrifice of a generation of young men and women. You will receive an experience you will never forget. Mike understood that I had travelled 12,000 miles and that it was important to me. Mike was on hand to take a poignant photo, reserved and respectful when quiet reflection was in order, and solemn in reciting a well chosen poem at a significant site. He took the stress and worry out of driving around France and Belgium and allowed me to soak in the scenery. Quotes
Adam Holloway, Queensland, Australia
"lives and breathes to honour the sacrifice of a generation"

Quotes We had a really great tour of the World War One battlefields with Mike. As requested, the tour was tailored to our personal requirements, following specific events in the lives of our relatives. Mike's research (and the tech he used!) enabled him to take us to the precise places they and their comrades would have been on particular dates, which really helped bring it all alive. His vast knowledge and experience enabled him to tie the specific into the general, allowing us to understand how our ancestors' experiences fitted into the greater picture. In addition, he was great company, very important when you're spending several days together! All in all, a really great guide and recommended to anyone who wants more than just the standard fare. Quotes
John Clark & Sheila Tibbels, United Kingdom
May 2012

Quotes Michael Kelly is passionate about WWI battlefield tours. He has an incredible depth of knowledge and experiences and he happily answered all questions and enquiries. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he went out of his way to ensure the tour was memorable. We especially appreciated his ability to further personalise the tour by adding items that he gleaned might be of special interest to us. Michael brought a human side to the tour through his stories and anecdotes about the soldiers, their lives and deaths. A poem he read at the graveside of a relative was most touching for us all. We appreciated his ability to "read the moment" and allow us time and space for personal reflection. Quotes
Kay & Michael Pope, Queensland, Australia
September 2011

Quotes Our trip to Flanders to visit the grave of my great-uncle who died of wounds in August 1917 was absolutely wonderful. A very emotional and overwhelming trip for me which was made a truly inspirational visit because of the superb guide we had of Michael Kelly. His knowledge and understanding of the battles, details of the war graves and memorials and the villages and towns we visited was first class. More importantly, he imparted all the information without being boring or repetitive. Michael ensured that it was memorable, something I will always remember and cherish, laying the poppy wreath, listening to the very appropriate poem which Michael so eloquently read along with the usual traditional words at the small services at the graveside, all enhanced this pilgrimage for us. Thank you for a truly inspirational visit. Quotes
Elaine & Brian Alexander, Portsmouth, UK
August 2011

Quotes Mike Kelly became an invaluable part of the subject and was astute enough to realise that this was a study tour where the students were expected to be active participants in the subject, not passive tourists. The success of the subject owes a good deal to him, not only because of his knowledge (which he freely shared) but also because of his enthusiasm for his subject area and his ability to adapt the schedule to meet our needs when needed. I'll certainly be looking to you for the next Study Tour planned for 2013. Quotes
Professor John McQuilton, Dr. Linda Wade, Uni of Wollongong
"Mike Kelly became an invaluable part of the subject"

Quotes I am now back in South Africa after being away for the past month. I had a great trip but as I said to Michael, the Battlefields tour was the cherry on the top. I cannot express too much my thanks for it was simply outstanding and of course Michael was the greatest with everything. Everything was just out of this world. I never expected anything like we had. It was all so moving and I was certainly overcome at certain points. I cannot speak too highly of Michael, for his knowledge, thoughtfulness and of course his recitations. Quotes
Fred Guthrie, Gillitts, South Africa
August 2009

Quotes We are safely back in Australia but could not let the opportunity pass without sending a note to say thank you for a marvellous tour. We were astounded by the additional information provided us during the tour by our wonderful guide Michael Kelly. We cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism and attention to detail. He brought alive for us, in a very personal way, the events of the two years my grandfather spent on the Western Front. Mike was knowledgeable, affable and had a great sense of humour. The latter providing timely relief from an otherwise very emotional tour. There were four other people on our tour. Mike balanced each day with information for each of us relating to our particular quests, we formed a bond which will not lightly be forgotten. We thank you for a tour which exceeded our high expectations. Quotes
Linda & Christopher Bryett, Australia
April 2006

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