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Who we are

Michael Kelly is the Director and owner of Apollo Battlefield Guide. He is an associate member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and a member of the Western Front Association. A university educated British historian, Mike has been guiding on the Great War Battlefields for nearly eighteen years. He served for 12 years in the Royal Navy and 25 years as a police detective in C.I.D. with specialist appointments in Surveillance Units and the Regional Crime Squad.

Mike leads a team of experienced and passionate war historians and battlefield guides - from Australia and and the UK. Apollo focuses on tours created to explore WW1 and WW2 history, as well as the Vietnam War.


        Mike Kelly,  Director and Guide

Mike specialises in the WW1 & Normandy theatres of war including actions along the Western Front from Belgium to the Swiss Border. This includes the later American actions on the Meuse Argonne and St. Mihiel in 1918. 

Mike has close to eighteen years experience guiding with several of the premier battlefield tour companies and has led many groups over this time - small and large. He has led University and College groups from around the world and specialises in guiding both small private groups as well as large tour parties. 

Mike lives within just a few hours drive of the Western Front. It has been his theatre of learning and site of pilgrimage for many years.  He is a perpetual student and he learns much from those that he leads. Everyone has a story to tell, usually handed down by their forebears, and Mike considers himself very fortunate to be able to listen to them. 

Many of Apollo's guests are from Australia who wish to follow the movements of the AIF during WW1, or learn more about Australia's involvement in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s. We can provide tailored research and preparation to ensure that your tour experience delivers that personal touch.


Proud associate member of the Guild
A Guidebook by Michael Kelly on the American Battlefields of World War One

Further afield?

For those of you further afield - Australia, Canada, the USA - who are thinking of travelling to the Western Front; you may not have made any travel arrangements and you may wish to retain a little flexibility in your journey. Apollo Battlefield Guide is the right choice for you!